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Can I spray the perfume oils on my clothes?

One of the top reasons why we love perfume oil sprays over roll-on perfume oils, is the ability to spray on your clothes without leaving obvious oil marks. 

While the oils will not permanently stain your clothes, it's not cute to be sporting around with oil stains all over.

Here's a tip on how to apply:

For the best application, you'll want to hold the spray nozzle 15cms or more away from your clothes. You can choose to apply the fragrance after getting dressed or you may spray them whilst they're laying on your bed or hanged.

Does the perfume oils smell like the original perfumes?

Our perfume oil manufactures are not the same as the perfume manufacturers so they are not the same. However, despite the difference our perfume oils smells similar to the original perfume. We only utilize the brand names for comparative marketing to give you an idea of what the scent will smell like when you receive it. It's an affordable way to learn about a scent before you invest the big bucks.

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Are the perfume oils long lasting?

While there are different personal, scientific and environmental factors that can affect the longevity of a fragrance, generally speaking our perfume oils are very long lasting - lasting an entire day on skin - and even longer lasting - lingering on clothes for weeks - Tested and proven. 

The longevity of any fragrance is greatly impacted by its ingredients and formulation, therefore you will find that some fragrances will last longer than others and some may have greater projection than others.

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